Dubai Offers to Reward Citizens WIth Gold if They Lose Weight

Dubai has launched a campaign to reward citizens for losing weight by giving them gold.

The campaign takes place at the same time as Ramadan, an Islamic holiday during which Muslims refrain from eating and drinking during hours of daylight for a month, according to XIN MSN News. 

The name of the campaign is "Your Weight in Gold." The campaign promises that participants will receive one gram of gold for each 2.2. pounds of weight lost. Participants are disqualified from the program if they fail to lose more than 4.6 pounds by August 16, according to MSN Now.

Three participants with the greatest weight loss will win about $5,500, in the form of a gold coin.

Speculations about Dubai’s motives for the campaign include beliefs that Dubai is trying to discourage its citizens from overeating and indulging in food after dusk and that the city is trying to fight obesity.

Participants are required to promise not to attempt to drop pounds in unhealthy ways. 

Scales have been installed in public parks for citizens to use to weigh themselves.

Sources: MSN Now, XIN MSN


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