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Intoxicated Woman Punches Child And Police Officer

An Iowa woman has been taken into custody by police after arriving at a bar intoxicated with her 2-year-old child.

The incident occurred in Des Moines on July 27, according to KWQC.

The bartender called police after Mary Carpenter, 25, allowed her child to roll around on the dirty floor. The bartender confronted her about this, and Carpenter reportedly slammed her drink down on the bar and began yelling obscenities.

Carpenter then responded angrily when someone tried to tell her she was not looking after the child.

“I said something, she got upset about it and when she went to leave she tripped and fell and landed on her child,” said witness Dave Jones, reports WHO.

Jones followed the woman out of the bar.

“I noticed when she got up to 18th [Street] she left the baby in the stroller and took off running by herself, so I took off running. My first thought was that stroller’s going to roll into the street, so I got up there as quick as I could,” Jones added.

He remained with the child until officers arrived.

Carpenter returned to her child, and was detained by officers.

“Hats off to the person who called in and the citizen who followed and took the extra step to make sure the child was OK because obviously the mother was not looking out for the child’s well being,” Sergeant Ryan Doty told WHO.

Carpenter was allowed to hold her child in the police vehicle until another family member came to look after it.

When officers noticed she had managed to slip out of her handcuffs, they removed the child from Carpenter.

“When it was time to remove child from mom, mom became agitated and upset and started to swing at the officer that was removing her child and inadvertently struck her own child in the face,” Doty said.

Carpenter faces charges of child endangerment, public intoxication and assaulting a police officer.

Sources: WHO, KWQC / Photo credit: WHO

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