Drunk Woman Hides In Trunk Of Car After Accident To Avoid Police

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There are always stories of people hiding in trunks of cars to try and avoid the cops, but this one is nearly hard to believe.

Following a minor accident, a woman in Germany decided to hide in the truck of the vehicle to avoid the cops while she sobered up. She apparently stayed in the trunk for more than a day.

Police found the car crashed into a wall in Bad Kreuznach, Rhineland Palatinate on Saturday, according to The Local, and they assumed the driver had just left it there. The cops then took the vehicle to a garage without knowing the 30-year-old woman was still in the trunk.

The Digital Journal reports that the woman had food and drink available in the interior of the car, which she could reach from the trunk and apparently stayed warm with the car in the garage, per information from the Bild newspaper.

Following a day and a half of time in the trunk, the woman got out and reportedly admitted to the cops that she had been under the influence of drugs and alcohol at the time of the accident. It’ll be some time before she has the right to get behind the wheel again as her driver’s license has now been taken away from her.

Sources: The Local, Digital Journal


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