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Drunk Woman Arrested On Delta Flight For Making Sexual Advances On Passenger (Video)

A woman was arrested on a Delta Airlines flight from Baltimore-Washington International Airport bound for Salt Lake City on Friday after making sexual advances towards a passenger.

The New York Daily News reported that the woman was intoxicated and became angry when the passenger turned her advances down. She started making expletive-filled threats, and some of it was caught on camera by another passenger.

In one video, the woman can be heard repeatedly threatening to “f***ing kill” the seat mate who rejected her and warning airline staff not to put their hand on her.

"Hey, lady! Over there! I need help, this guy is holding me!" she says to a fellow passenger.

A second video shows the flight crew putting her in handcuffs on board the plane, and then diverting the flight to Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport where she was handed over to airport police.

Patrick Hogan, a spokesman for the airport, told the Salt Lake Tribune that the unidentified woman was “very intoxicated” and was “grabbing passengers” on the plane. She was taken to the Hennepin County Medical Center.

The woman could face federal charges for causing a disturbance onboard the flight. The FBI and TSA are now investigating.

The 737 aircraft and its 132 passengers made it to Salt Lake City 90 minutes after she was removed, the Tribune reported.


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