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Drunk Rich Teenage Girl Gets Six Months In Jail After Crashing Car Into Three Houses

A millionaire’s drunken daughter, who crashed her BMW into three houses, was sentenced to six months in jail. She’s also banned from driving for two years.

Laura Binch reportedly showed little remorse after the accident and apparently said to one of the homeowners: “Do you know who my dad is? He’s rich.”

Prosecutor David Outterside said the British teen tried to grab one of the homeowner's phones and told him not to call the authorities.

“She showed no remorse at the scene, she showed no conern for any of the householders and didn’t apologize,” Outterside said.

Binch was reportedly drinking champagne at home and at a bar before the accident. Her attorney, Martin Calley, told Judge John Burgess that his client regretted the incident.

“She has been lying awake worrying about that night and if things had turned out worse than they did. She has been worrying about the outcome of these proceedings,” Calley said.

Binch will serve her time in a young offenders’ institution.

“Whether it was the drink talking, there was a high degree of arrogance. It was a miracle nobody was seriously injured and your culpability was high,”  Burgess said.

Binch’s father, Steve Binch, founded a car rental firm in 1992 and was rated among Britain’s wealthiest people on the Sunday Times Rich List in 2008.

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