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Drunk Pennsylvania Man Henry Gonzalez Jr. Shoots At Cars After Hearing Voices In Head

Here’s a story involving the always smart combination of alcohol and guns.

Allentown, Pennsylvania resident Henry Gonzalez Jr. was arrested Sunday night after he drunkenly fired gun shots into two cars with passengers inside. Gonzalez told police he had been drinking all day when he began to fight with his girlfriend. Gonzalez said he then “heard voices” while walking around downtown Allentown, so he decided to go home, grab his .40 caliber gun, and fire shots at cars.

After shooting at cars, Gonzalez went into a bar and continued drinking. About an hour and a half later, Gonzalez decided to drive home from the bar (great idea #2). He was stopped by Allentown police who asked him about the shooting. Gonzalez admitted to firing the shots.

He was arrested and charged with two counts of firing a firearm into an occupied structure and reckless endangerment and one count of drunken driving.

Thankfully, the Allentown Police Department reports that no one was injured by the shots. 

Source: Morning Call


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