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Drunk Mom Accused Of Bringing 8-Month-Old Baby Bar-Hopping With Her

A mother was arrested in Oklahoma City on Saturday after the manager of Louie's Bar and Grill discovered she was reportedly drunk and had been bar-hopping -- while her 8-month-old child was waiting in a car seat in her vehicle. 

Catherine Durham, 33, ordered two alcoholic beverages at Louie's and began acting intoxicated after consuming them, reporters KFOR. Witnesses say the woman told them she had been drinking at several other local bars prior to stopping in at Louie's. She spent about 30 minutes at Louie's, according to a manager, and consumed two shots during that time, reports News 9. Witnesses say she was slurring her words and falling down after the drinks. 

When Durham attempted to leave the establishment, a manager followed her outside and tried to call a cab for her. That's when she realized that the mom had reportedly left her 8-month-old child alone in her car, strapped into a car seat, while she went out drinking.

When the manager tried to take the woman's car keys away from her, she says the suspect became aggressive and grabbed her hair. At that point, the manager called 911 and police responded to the incident at around 12:20 a.m.

Durham was arrested and charged with child endangerment. Because of her extreme intoxication and the fact that the baby was left alone in the vehicle for 30 minutes, the child was placed into protective custody and was released to Durham's neighbor, who works for the Department of Health Services. 

Sources: KFOR, News 9

Photo Credit: Oklahoma County Jail via News 9


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