Drunk Man Pretends To Be TSA Agent, Gropes Two Women

A drunk man was arrested at San Francisco International Airport for allegedly posing as a TSA agent, taking two women to private booths and patting them down.

The 53-year-old man, who was not identified, was caught taking passengers to an unauthorized area on Tuesday.

Authorities say he started drinking at an airport lounge hours earlier.

Police said he was wearing khakis and a blue shirt, which could be mistaken for a TSA uniform. He had swiped a pair of latex gloves.

He took one woman to a private booth, patted her down and then she left to catch a flight. He then approached another woman to take her to a private screening area.

Even TSA staff thought he was an agent.

Security didn’t intervene until they say the second woman leaving the booth and wondered why a male agent was in a booth with a woman without a female agent present.

Security detained the man until police arrived.

He was charged on suspicion of public drunkenness and additional charges may be pending.

"They will be (investigating) this for a week," a law enforcement source told the San Francisco Chronicle. "Someone has to pay for this."

Sources: San Francisco Chronicle, New York Daily News

Image credit: Ray Andrews


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