Drunk Homeless Couple Gets Hit by Train, Woman Dies, Man Doesn’t Notice He Got Hit

A Utah woman was killed after she was hit by a slow-moving train early Sunday morning in Salt Lake City. A man was also hit, but he was reportedly so drunk that he didn’t notice he had been hit.

At approximately 2 a.m. a Union Pacific train engineer called local police, worried about possibly hitting two people by accident.

The couple, whose identity has not been released, had been sleeping on the tracks and were allegedly both drunk. The train pushed them several blocks, Salt Lake Police Lt. Scott White told Fox 13 News.

The woman, in her 40s, suffered a severed arm and was declared dead at the scene. The man, who was also sleeping on the track, was transported to a nearby hospital, suffering a broken leg.

When police arrived at the scene, the man, in his 40s, was so intoxicated he didn’t even realize he was hit. He didn’t wake up at the impact or when police checked on him, White told the Salt Lake City Tribune.

In 2008, the Federal Railroad Administration found that the average trespasser is a “38-year-old Caucasian male under the influence of alcohol of drugs,” according to the Daily Mail.

A 25-year-old in Florida and a 12-year-old in Indiana were also run over and killed by a train this past summer after falling asleep on the tracks. In March, two teenage girls were found dead on the train tracks in North Carolina after falling asleep.

The FRA reports that “trespassing along railroads is the leading cause of rail-related fatalities in American.” An estimated 500 rail deaths occur each year in the country.

Internationally, a 37-year-old drunk man sleeping on the train tracks was run over, killed by a train in the Philippines in July.

Sources: Fox 13 News, Daily Mail, Salt Lake City Tribune


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