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Drunk Guys Pick Fight With Former UFC Title Contender

UFC fighter Nick Diaz found himself in an unexpected brawl when a group of intoxicated men instigated a fight.

Diaz was at the Bellagio casino in Las Vegas and went outside to use the bathroom. He accidentally bumped into another patron, who began to berate him, according to TMZ. Diaz reports that he apologized and said that he was not looking for trouble. 

Three other men joined their friend and jumped Diaz, completely unaware that he is both a World Endurance and International Fighter welterweight champ, according to his UFC profile. Diaz again tried to avoid hurting the men, but after he was hit hard in the head, he stopped holding back.

The fight migrated from the bathroom to the casino floor and TMZ reports that the attackers were swinging chairs and trying to pick fights with the employees as well.

Diaz was quickly able to take the allegedly drunk men to the ground. They were unable to defend themselves as Diaz threw punches and put them in chokeholds, the New York Post reports.

The group was eventually removed by security. Diaz sustained a head injury that might require stitches. But, he has no interest in pressing charges against the attacker, saying that they "got the worst of it."

Sources: The New York Post, TMZ, UFC / Photo credit: Table Tennis Entertainment/Facebook

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