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Drunk Guy on NYC Subway Could be Undercover Cop

It's a familiar site on the New York City subways -- someone passed-out drunk or just sleeping on a train. Those people are also the favorite targets of robbers, so now police are fighting back by placing undercover cops in those vulnerable positions.

The New York Post reports that crime underground is up by 16% so far this year. A large part of that comes from robbers swiping iPhones or other popular gadgets right out of the hands of riders.

So the subways will soon be flooded by undercover cops hoping to catch these criminals in the act. Officers are wrapping up a five-day training program to teach them how to act more like regular subway riders, including how to look drunk or sleeping while still keeping their wits about them.

It's not known yet how many more cops will be on the subways, but it is expected to more than double the number of officers working undercover in the sprawling subway system.


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