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Drunk Florida Couple Is Tossed Into Garbage Truck After Falling Asleep In A Dumpster

Florida couple Donald Jordan and Lisa Spirella are lucky to be alive after they fell asleep in a dumpster while intoxicated and woke up as they were emptied into a garbage truck.

According to police, the couple became highly intoxicated after visiting the nearby Seminole Hard Rock & Casino before they decided to nap in the dumpster. Originally, it was believed they were homeless.

When the dumpster outside the Wawa gas station near Tampa was emptied on Wednesday, the two began screaming and banging on the sides of the truck.

“I was picking up some containers,” Radmas Valasquez, a driver, said. “I got two people, I don’t know how they got in the back of the truck.”

Valasquez was about to compact the trash when he heard the couple screaming.

“I almost killed both of them,” Valasquez said.

Rescue crews had to be called around 5 a.m. after Valasquez was unable to remove the couple from his truck. The two were taken to Tampa General Hospital after and complained of neck pain.

According to Kissimmee court records, the pair have been arrested several times in the past few years. Spirella has been arrested for loitering, theft, battery, resisting arrest and drunk driving. Jordan has been arrested for cocaine possession, loitering, trespassing and a number of other crimes.

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Sources: DailyMail, WTSP / Photo Credit: DailyMail, WikiCommons


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