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Drunk Father Has 8-Year-Old Son Drive Him Home Resulting in Three-Car Pile-Up

A drunk father faces up to five years in prison after he allowed his 8-year-old son to drive him home from a bar.

Mikolaj Tomaszewski, 38, of Gielniow, Poland, had his son Juliusz drive because he was far past the legal limit.

Tomaszewski said his son has practiced driving before in a local supermarket parking lot.

Juliusz rode his bicycle to the bar and proceeded to drive home. The boy sailed through an intersection, getting T-boned by an oncoming vehicle. Tomaszewski’s car was sent careening into a third car.

Five people were taken to the hospital with cuts and bruises, including Tomaszewski and his son.

Tomaszewski was later charged with endangering the life of a minor and causing a traffic collision.

Sources: Daily Mail, The Mirror


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