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Drunk Off-Duty Cop Acquitted For Shooting Man (Video)

Chauncey Carthan, a former police officer in Louisville, Kentucky, was acquitted last Thursday of wanton endangerment, but found guilty of driving under the influence.

Carthan will not do any jail time, even after being convicted of DUI. Instead, he will pay a $500 fine, noted WLKY.

According to investigators, Carthan pulled over a car driven by Ishmael Gough on Sept. 4, 2012 (video below).

Carthan claimed that Gough lunged at him, so he shot the motorist in the leg in self-defense.

Prosecutors claimed that the off-duty cop didn't identify himself as a police officer, but Carthan's lawyers claimed he did, reported WDRB.

"The jury absolutely got it right in this case, and we essentially conceded he had been drinking and driving and he knew he shouldn't be," stated Carthan's lawyer Steve Schroering. "But that's the only mistake he made that night."

Prosecutor Nick Mudd countered, “[Gough's] words to me were something to the effect of, 'How can a drunk off-duty police officer shoot someone that's unarmed and get away with it?'"

Gough has filed a civil lawsuit against Carthan.

Sources: WLKY, WDRB
Image Credit: WDRB Screenshot


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