Drunk Driver Who Reportedly Had Sex With Girlfriend While Driving Accused Of Killing Partner

Minesh Parabat is on trial after reportedly having sex with his girlfriend while drunk driving, which resulted in his girlfriend’s death.

Parabat was accused of killing Lisa Watling in the crash during a trial at Lewes Crown Court. However, the 36-year-old has denied that he committed the crime, despite being found with his pants around his ankles following the crash. Watling was also found half naked.

Additionally, it was reported that Watling was straddling Parabat while he was driving just before the crash. That day, the driving conditions were also clear.

Watling was not wearing a seatbelt during the drive, which is one reason why she died at the crash site.

“This is a case where somebody has died untimely and unnecessarily,” prosecutor Philip Meredith said.

During a police interview, Parabat noted that he had gone home to retrieve his phone but couldn’t remember what had happened after that. In a second interview, he confessed that Watling was “feeling horny” and began doing things she shouldn’t have done. Parabat added that Watling straddled him, although he told her she was blocking his view.

Despite this, Parabat insisted that Watling’s actions weren’t sexual. However, he couldn’t explain why his pants weren’t on.

Following the crash, Parabat failed a roadside breath test.

Sources: Inquisitir, Telegraph

Photo Credit: Telegraph


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