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Drunk Driver James Nussbaum Bitten by Mastiff-Pit Bull, Breaks Cop's Leg

A 22-year-old South Dakota man with three convictions for driving while under the influence proved Friday night that it is wise to avoid any substance which hampers good judgment. Trevor James Nussbaum of Flandreau got into in a fight with a woman and her Mastiff/Pit Bull, then broke a police officer’s leg, according to the Sioux Falls Police report.

About 11:30 p.m. Nussbaum was driving his 1997 Jeep Wrangler erratically back and forth past a house where partygoers got upset and started yelling at him. The incident took place near the intersection of 15th Street and First Avenue, south of downtown Sioux Falls, police spokesman Sam Clemens told the

Nussbaum pulled over and apparently tried to pick a fight with several of the people at the party. But he made an even bigger mistake when he started arguing with a woman who had her Mastiff/Pit Bull with her. When Nussbaum pushed the dog owner a few times, the dog apparently didn't like it. According to Clemens “He bit the guy in the leg.”

Nussbaum then fled the scene, but witnesses got his license plate number and called police. Officers pulled him over at 18th Street and First Avenue, where Nussbaum resisted arrest, Clemens said.

In a scuffle while trying to get the inebriated man out of the car, the dog bite apparently contributed to Nussbaum stumbling and falling over. Unfortunately, he fell onto a 35-year-old officer and broke the officer's leg.

Other officers had to subdue Nussbaum with pepper spray in order to get him in the back of a patrol car. Nussbaum spit on the officers in the front seat so many times that he was forced to wear a mask over his mouth, Clemens said. The suspect threatened to kill the officers.

His blood-alcohol breath test put him at .14. The limit to drive is .08, according to the

Nussbaum was charged with a fourth DUI, aggravated assault on law enforcement, resisting arrest and two counts of threatening an officer.

The officer with the broken leg was treated and released. There was no indication that any further investigation would be done regarding the dog bite.



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