Drunk Canadian Man Gets Tasered By Officers Outside of Bar (Video)


A shocking video has recently surfaced online showing a man being Tasered by police for being drunk.

An unidentified, 25-year-old man in Windsor, Canada, is shown on film outside of a bar with police questioning him. According to bar patrons, the man was intoxicated and had been trying to start a fight with another guy at the bar.

When police showed up, they told the man to drop to his knees and that he was getting arrested. The man refused, and at one point, he tried to walk away up the stairs. Police officers grabbed his jacket and tried to pin him down.

“Stop resisting. Stop!” yelled the officers. One officer then yelled to another to pull out the Taser gun on the man. The officer shot the drunken guy with the Taser gun and, as visible in the video, it worked to get the man under control.

Patrons and employees at The Dugout bar in Windsor say that the man was not acting right from the moment he walked in, and police say that the he has a history of violence.

“He has a history of violence and he’s a rather large individual and he became aggressive and officers had trouble controlling him so the sergeant deployed a Taser, and it was a successful arrest,” said Sgt. Alan Adams. “He was transported to headquarters without incident. He’s fine now and he’s in custody.”

Watch the video below.

Sources, Daily Mail, Windsor Star


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