Drugs May Have Played Role In Montana Garage Shooting, Police Say


Police in Missoula, Mon., believe marijuana, alcohol or "other drugs" may have played a part in the fatal shooting death of a German exchange student last month.

A judge granted permission to police to drug test the alleged shooter, Markus Kaarma, who says he shot 17-year-old Diren Dede in his garage in self-defense.

Kaarma, 29, was charged with deliberate homicide after he allegedly set up a trap to lure a burglar into his garage after it was robbed twice.

A newly published court documents alleges that Kaarma may "have been impaired by alcohol, dangerous drugs, other drugs, intoxicating substances or a combination of the above, at the time of the incident," the New York Daily News reported.

Police say they found a glass jar of marijuana in Kaarma’s home the day of the shooting.

The result of the drug test will likely not be released until the police investigation is closed.

Kaarma’s lawyer, Paul Ryan, says he grabbed a shotgun the night of the shooting and went to his garage after motion sensors went off.

According to a search warrant, the garage had been robbed twice of marijuana pipes and weed.

"Markus believed that the intruder posed an imminent threat to himself and his family," Ryan said.

According to Kaarma, Dede and his friends had stolen from his garage three times before.

Police have offered no explanation for what Dede was doing inside the garage.

Sources: New York Daily News, KCBD


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