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Drug Dealer Under House Arrest, Walid Chaabani, Begs For Jail Time To Escape Nagging Wife

A man from Tuscany, Italy serving time under house arrest for drug related charges made a break for it Tuesday to escape his wife, according to Breitbart.

Authorities say 32-year-old Walid Chaabani fled from his home and straight to the Carabinieri, Italy’s national military police, because he couldn’t stand his wife anymore. Once under police custody, Chaabani requested to serve the rest of his sentence in jail.

Police said the drug dealer was “tired of continuously fighting with his wife” and “asked explicitly to be put back in prison.”

“Living with his wife was particularly difficult and unbearable,” according to a statement released by police.

The local court approved Chaabani’s request for imprisonment that same day. The weary husband was taken by police to the district prison so he could serve the rest of his sentence.

No word yet on how his wife took the news of the request.

In another rare situation, a 19-year-old New Zealand man under house arrest in June of last year requested jail time because he was “sick of playing Xbox" and "had run of out of games to play."

Sources:, New Zealand Herald


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