Suspected Drug Dealer Dials Wrong Number, Tries To Sell Crack To SBI Agent (Photos)


A drug dealer in North Carolina was arrested after accidentally texting a State Bureau of Investigation special agent about selling him crack cocaine.

Billie Joe Scales, a 59-year-old Greensboro resident, reportedly thought he was texting a man named Ricky about a sale, but dialed the wrong number.

“There's probably a better chance of winning the lottery I would think honestly,” North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation Special Agent Scott Williams told WCNC. “[Scales] just inverted a number wrong or just had a wrong number and he ended up texting a SBI Agent without even knowing it and arranging a crack cocaine deal."

According to Williams, Scales is not on any SBI list and had no reason at all to have an agent’s phone number.

“He thought he knew who he was texting because he used a name he thought our agent was but he just had the wrong number, simply had the wrong number,” he said. In the text conversation, Scales told the agent that he had “some real good,” and the agent began playing along once he realized that he had happened upon a drug deal.

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“He said 'I got this text message what do you think I should do?' I said 'Well let's text him back and see what happens. I'm sure he'll eventually figure out that you're not who he's think he's texting,’” Williams said. Scales never caught on to his mistake, and the agent played along until a sale was set up.

“Every text we're like, 'There's no way he's going to do this,'" Williams told reporters. “There is no way he's going to do this but every text is like 'OK we're leaving, I'll be there in 20 minutes,' and we're like 'OK, we'll be there too' and hoping he'd arrive and sure enough he did."

Scales arrived at the location and met with the man he thought was Ricky, driving a black Charger as promised in a text. It was soon revealed that he’d met with an SBI agent.

“We move in on him and arrest him and find the crack cocaine under the seat of the passenger vehicle,” Williams said.

Scales was arrested and charged with sale of a controlled substance and possession with intent to sell. An accomplice named James McIntyre, who went to the location with Scales, was charged with maintaining a vehicle for the sale of controlled substances.

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Sources: WCNC, Daily Mail

Photo Credit: NC SBI via WCNC


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