Drug Agents Mistake Maple Syrup for Meth

Laura Benson from Union County, Illinois, was shocked as drug agents raided her family property in search of meth on Wednesday.

"I heard the dogs barking. And I knew that meant somebody was outside the house," said Benson. "And I looked out the windows and I seen a truck coming up the driveway fairly fast. And an Anna police car right behind it," KFVS News reports.

At first Benson suspected that maybe her son had done something she wasn’t aware of, but she then quickly realized the drug agents had mistaken her husband’s hobby of making maple syrup for a meth lab.

"They pointed to the buckets and I told them my husband has a hobby of making maple syrup. Of course they realized it once they seen it," said Laura. "But I was quite startled this morning," as reported by KFVS News.

Apparently one of the Bensons’ neighbors notified the police. Benson is grateful that her neighbors are so vigilant.

"I think my neighbors on their way to church see the buckets and stuff and think we've got a meth lab operation going on here. I just want to put their minds at ease, and let them know it's maple syrup. And that they're all welcome for pancakes if they want to come on over," Benson said.

The Benson family was not insulted by the request of the drug agents to search their property and, instead, sent the officers home with a sample of their homemade syrup to savor.

Drug enforcement agencies all over the nation take reports of meth labs extremely seriously and are known to make mistakes, as in the case of Kathy Adams of Brooklyn Park, Minnesota. In 2008, Adams' home was raided by police officers, who believed Adams and her husband were running a meth lab because of reports of a strange smell, as reported by KARE 11 News.

Turns out, the strange smell was a combination of chemicals Mr. Adams used to maintain his salt water fish tank.

Sources: KFVS News, KARE 11 News

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