Drug Addicts Targeting Real Estate 'Open Houses' to Steal Pills

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In Texas, drug addicts are searching the Sunday paper for open houses, pretending to be buyers, touring the homes, stealing homeowner's prescriptions and selling the pills on the street or using the drugs.

Amara Durham, an addiction specialist in Caron, Texas, told WOAI-AM NewsRadio 1200: 
"They're there to find drugs that people have left behind in cabinets. If you are having an open house and you haven't cleared out your prescription medications it's the same as putting a note on the mirror and saying 'Hey, open up!'"

Durham says the value of some medication can be as much as 
$5,000 on the street: 

"We have addicts who look like you and me and not like drug users in an alley with needles in their arms ... combing the  Sunday paper for an open house listed there. They go dressed, looking like potential buyers."

"The responsibility lies with the homeowner and that means that before you show your home, you take those tablets, put them in a shoebox and take them from the home."


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