Drowned Woman on Bottom of Mass. Public Pool for 2 Days

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An absolutely stunning story out of Massachusetts -- the body of a drowned woman on the bottom of a public pool went unnoticed for two days while people swam in the water above her.

Marie Joseph, 36, apparently drowned in the pool in Fall River on Sunday. Her body was finally discovered Tuesday night when teens jumped the fence to take a nighttime swim, reports the Daily Mail.

Just as shocking, a nine-year-old boy who was with Joseph told a lifeguard that she had fallen into the pool, and he was reportedly ignored. It appears Joseph was watching the boy play on a slide when she somehow fell in.

"The boy stated that once he was in the water after coming down the slide, Marie unexpectedly slid down the slide landing on top of him," Police Chief Daniel Racine said. ''He further stated that she went under the water and did not surface."

Friends told NBC 10 that Joseph could not swim, and they can't understand how people could be swimming for two days without seeing a dead body. Those same friends, however, knew Joseph was missing for two days and did not report it to police.

The incident has led the Department of Conservation and Recreation to close all 30 deep water public pools in the state to review safety and operational procedures. It also suspended all workers at that pool. "There are interviews going on right now. Exactly who that boy spoke to, and what that person did, and what happened next," one official said.


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