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Drought Causes Homeowners to Paint Their Brown Lawns Green

As this summer's drought turns yards brown, some homeowners are choosing to paint their lawns green.

The Associated Press reports that folks from Indiana to New York are spraying brown grass with a deep-green organic dye, which does not require watering.

It's a lawn-painting practice that has been used for years in the West and Southwest.

In Staten Island, N.Y., Ronnie LoPrimo paid $125 for a green-painting of her 830-square-foot lawn. She said it was worth every penny to keep her home of 33 years graced by an attractive yard.

Joe Perazzo says his Staten Island company, Grass Is Greener Lawn Painting, has painted up close to 20 lawns this summer, making it his best year to date.

Perazzo charges 15 cents per square foot to spray on a non-toxic, environmentally friendly turf dye that is used on golf courses and athletic fields to give them a lusher appearance.


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