Stephanie Paparo Gets Arrested for Stealing Dropped Money


Don’t take what’s not yours. That’s the lesson Stephanie Paparo, a 28-year-old woman from Pennsylvania, learned the hard way this past week when she was arrested for picking up money that someone dropped on the ground.

About a month ago, a man looking to buy snacks and water at a WaWa convenience store on the 5300 block of Baltimore Pike in Clifton Heights dropped two wads of cash as he reached into his pocket. Not realizing what had happened, he left the scene without retrieving the money. Paparo, who was apparently nearby when the incident occurred, spotted the dough on the ground and decided to claim it for herself.

Before leaving the scene, she looked around to make sure that nobody saw her.

All was good until this past Tuesday night, when an NBC 10 story showed surveillance of the incident occurring (check it out below). Once that footage aired, authorities began receiving a ton of anonymous tips and calls – all of which led them straight to Paparo’s home.

When the police arrived, Paparo didn’t bother denying what happened or trying to play it coy. She confessed to the crime and left her punishment up to the powers that be.

All in all, Paparo made away with $2,300 in cash. The man who originally dropped the money later told police that he had been planning to use it for a down payment on a car.

According to NBC Philadelphia, Paparo spent some of the cash on her three children before giving the rest to her boyfriend to pay the rent.

On Wednesday, she was released on $10,000 unsecured bail.

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