#DropOutHillary Hashtag Goes Viral


On May 5, the hashtag #DropOutHillary went viral on Twitter.

After Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton lost the Indiana primary to Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont and Donald Trump became the likely GOP nominee after his competitors dropped out of the race, the Twitter community called on Clinton to withdraw her candidacy.

By Thursday evening, more than 300,000 tweets were sent with the hashtag #DropOutHillary, reports RT.com.

"Don't hold the American people hostage with bad and worse choices. #DropOutHillary," Jersey Girl tweeted with the following image:

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"#DropOutHillary because I would trust you less as my President than I would Bill Cosby as my bartender," a tweet sent by Sean Gorman read.

"#DropOutHillary is not sexism. She's a lying, flip-flopping, opportunist candidate who just HAPPENS to be a woman," sully loves lemonade tweeted.

Even God got involved.

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On the very same day the #DropOutHillary hashtag appeared, Romanian hacker Marcel Lehel Lazar -- whose hacker handle is Gucciferwho -- said he had gained access to her “completely unsecured” server, reports NBC. He first exposed Clinton's use of a private email address while serving as secretary of state.

“It was like an open orchid on the Internet,” he said. "There were hundreds of folders."

Lazar did not provide any proof to back up his claim, nor would he provide copies of emails he said he downloaded from Clinton’s server, but a former FBI agent who ran major cybersecurity probes finds his story to be credible.

Clinton is currently being investigated by the FBI for her use of the private email server.

Sources: RT, Jersey Girl/Twitter, Sean Gorman/Twitter,  sully loves lemonade/Twitter, NBC / Photo credit: Edward Kimmel/Flickr

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