Drone Drops Cash On People While Flying Over Michigan City (Video)


a video that went viral this week shows a mystery drone in Michigan dropping cash down onto people at a Grand Rapids park.

The footage (shown below), captured by an MLive contributor, shows the drone flying over Rosa Parks Circle in Grand Rapids at about 12:30 p.m. on Tuesday. 

“It was hovering over the center of the circle and after a couple of minutes it dropped what appeared to be money,” MLive’s Melvin Blohm said. “Once people realized the cash was real, they swarmed to pick it up.”

According to Blohm, the drone dropped an estimated $50 in single dollar bills before flying off. The money appears to fall from one of four compartments in the device. Another compartment was reportedly already emptied, and the others looked to have more cash inside.

The operators of the drone, Blohm said, were seemingly controlling it from atop the nearby JW Marriott hotel. 

Watch video of the drone below.

Sources: MLive, YouTube

Photo Credit: mlive.com


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