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Drivers Snap Selfies While Stranded On Highway During Man's Suicide Attempt (Photos)

While a man contemplated ending his life at the edge of a Los Angeles overpass on Thursday, stranded motorists decided they would use their free time to take selfies of themselves with the suicidal man in the background.

Police closed down both directions of the 105 Freeway once they were dispatched to the scene of the attempted suicide, so drivers were left stranded on the highway for hours while the situation was dealt with. Many were clearly frustrated, and helicopter pictures show most motorists walking around the freeway while their cars remained sedentary.

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After hours, officers finally talked the suicidal man off the ledge, but during that time, frustrated motorists were able to take selfies of themselves with the man in the background and post them to social media.

KTLA’s Marcus Smith tweeted an overhead photo of a group of motorists posing for a selfie together during the three-hour ordeal.

“People taking pictures and selfies on the 105 Freeway,” tweeted Smith, along with the picture, on Thursday evening.

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As the Daily Mail points out, this is not the first time that someone has taken an insensitive selfie at the wrong time. Back in December, a New York woman was caught by a New York Post photographer taking a selfie while a man attempted to jump off the Brooklyn Bridge behind her. The next morning, the woman was featured on the front page of the paper.


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