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Drivers Say Georgia Police Search Inside Underwear on Normal Traffic Stops (Video)

Numerous drivers and passengers in Georgia claim that police are searching their underwear and feeling their bodies during normal routine traffic stops.

"He was like, 'Just unbuckle all your clothes,' and put his hands down inside my pants," Terry Phillips told WSB (video below).

Phillips consented to a search after Forest Park, Ga. police pulled his wife over for a suspended registration, but he had no idea how invasive that search would be.

"That's illegal, man, you can't do that. You can't do that," Phillips tells the police officer on a police car's dashcam recording.

That's when the police officer suddenly claims to smell marijuana and uses that "probable cause" to continue the invasive search, notes

"That's a general strip-search, which you're not allowed to do," stated Phillips' attorney, Mark Bullman. "Unless it's an emergency or it's done in a controlled environment by professional people were other people aren't there to look in a public setting."

WSB found that there were several incidents of these types of searches per the internal records of the Forest Park Police Department.

Alphonzo Eleby claims the DeKalb, Ga. police searched him after he stopped at a gas station to fill up his tank and buy a money order.

Elby says a police officer reached down the front of his pants with his bare hand in the gas station parking lot.

"He went inside my underwear and searched my genital area," Eleby recalled, "It was just embarrassing."

The police officer found nothing during this intimate search, but charged Elby with possession of marijuana, which was dropped by the DeKalb County Solicitor.

Truck driver Camishi Jones says she was pulled over and felt up by a Cobb County police officer on Interstate 75 for driving in the left lane.

"He was all touching my breast, up in my vagina area," claims Jones. "He actually stuck his hand up in between my buttocks. I felt that I was being molested with his hands."

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