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This Driver's Accident Footage Will Make You Want To Get A Dashcam (Video)

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If you’ve ever considered getting a dashcam, one driver’s footage might just make your mind up for you.

On Friday, a YouTube poster uploaded a video of a collision he was involved in that the man claimed he would have been blamed for if it weren’t for his dashcam footage.

The video showed the man approaching a green light that turns yellow before he enters the intersection. Stopping short would have been dangerous, so the man continued forward, attempting to go through the yellow light before it turned red.

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As he passed through the light, a minivan began driving through the intersection from the right. The man honked at the minivan driver, who looked straight ahead the entire time, to no avail. The two cars quickly collided.

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The YouTube poster said that the woman driving the minivan attempted to blame him for the accident, telling officers that he ran a red light. “She tried to tell the police officer I ran the red light,” the man said. “He was taking her side until I showed him the video.” The minivan driver was reportedly shocked to discover that she had been caught in a lie.

“She just stood there in disbelief knowing she was caught,” the man said. “After I showed the police the video he just started writing her multiple tickets.”

Response to the video was mixed, with some Reddit users claiming that the man was cutting it too close to a red light. Most people, however, agreed that the woman was in the wrong.

“If you are going to time lights you time them so you get there when it is safe to cross, not the second it turns green,” one user wrote. “She was not in control of her speed and did not look like she was timing a green.”

Another user responded with their own story, saying that they were blamed for an accident that would have resulted in a different outcome had they recorded dashcam footage.

“I had the exact same thing happen to me a few years ago. Despite the next door neighbor witnessing the accident the officer wrote it up as my fault. After filing a complaint to try and get the report changed it was revealed the responding officer was the brother in law of the lady that hit me. My insurance company had a field day with that information.”

One commenter perfectly summed up the thoughts of most viewers, proclaiming. “100% getting a dash cam now.”

Watch the dashcam footage below.

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