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Driverless SUV Crashes Into Store, Hits Kid (Video)

A driverless SUV crashed through the front the doors of a convenience store in Port Arthur, Texas, on Feb. 15 (video below).

The car knocked down 7-year-old Jayden Solomon, who was one of the original passengers, notes KBMT.

Ida Winn, the boy's grandmother, said that three of four children went into the store while the SUV lurched forward; the remaining child in the backseat -- 14-year-old Alfonso Solomon Jr. -- tried to stop the car.

Jayden was reportedly not seriously injured and did not require an ambulance ride.

Winn said the boy's mother was going to transport him to the hospital to have doctors take a look at his knee.

"Every time you see Jayden, he has this beautiful smile on his face, but he's not in that mode this morning, he's in a lot of pain," Winn stated.

It's not clear how the car slipped into gear, but Winn is grateful Jayden survived.

"If he woulda been a little more over to the left this could've been actually serious," she stated. "But like I said, I just thank God that he was okay and that he was in the position he was in when he walked in the store."

The Port Arthur Police Department is not releasing any information about the crash.

KBMT posted the raw video on its Facebook page, where there were plenty of comments:

It keeps being said that no one was in the drivers seat...then why did the person cross over to get out on the drivers side instead of opening his own door (where there was plenty of room) on the passenger side??? Doesn't make much sense now does it??

The driver was in red and didn't have enough room to get out, but stood on the side of the car.

Scary! Glad the little boy is ok. The video shows someone getting out of the car after it crashed into the store though.

Sources: KBMT, KBMT/Facebook, YouTube / Photo credit: BrianBoardman/Flickr

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