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Driver Torments Elephant In The Middle Of South African Safari (Video)

Although safari animals have the right of way, a man was caught on video in a South African park attempting to drive an elephant off the roadway with his pickup truck.

The traffic officer for Kruger National Park says the driver of the truck was “tormenting” the elephant by repeatedly back up and driving forward over and over again.

The driver initially backs up in the video when the elephant moves across the street to eat from a tree, then puts the vehicle into drive and moves forward, only to slam on his brakes. The elephant is visibly distressed.

As the elephant backs up, the truck drives forward again and slams on its brakes again and again. At the end of the video, the elephant is still backing into the grass.

The driver was not charged with a crime because the video was taken "without a warrant."

“Unfortunately usage of photos or video material is not permissible in court, without a warrant notification giving you authorization to take a photo or video material,” Chief traffic officer Johan Nel said in a statement.

The driver told park investigators that he drove at the elephant to “protect” the other cars on the road.

He was fined R1000, the equivalent of $92, which he paid immediately.

Sources: New York Daily NewsLiveLeak


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