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Driver of Spanish Train That Crashed, Francisco Garzon, Was On Phone Right Before Accident

The driver of the Spanish train that recently killed 79 people as it flew off the tracks on a curve was talking on his work phone when the accident happened.

Investigators found that Francisco Garzon, a 52-year-old train driver, received a phone call from his train company and was talking about directions for his train route when the train crashed at high speeds, according to the NY Daily News.

Garzon was driving the train at 119 mph in a zone that was 50 mph right before the train derailed because it could not safely make a sharp turn, according to NBC News.

Black-box data recorders suggested that Garzon may have been looking down at a paper document before he hit the train’s breaks too late, to slow it down before the curve.

Earlier this week, 70 people were still reported to be in the hospital with injuries from the crash.

Garzon faces numerous charges, including 79 counts of homicide, for driving the train recklessly.

Sources: NY Daily News, NBC News


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