Photo Of Dog Chained To Truck Bed Sparks Outrage (Video)


Pictures of a dog chained to a moving truck’s flatbed are going viral (video below).

The photographs were taken on March 20 on Highway 59N in Houston, KHOU reported. They show a dog tethered to a moving truck’s flatbed. The car was reportedly driving at 65 mph.

The man who took the photos posted them on Facebook and they quickly went viral. Several users commented, some calling for the driver to be put in jail.

“You get a sense of disbelief that this could even happen,” Monica Schmidt, of the Houston Humane Society, told KHOU. “And you think, ‘Are you sure this isn't Photoshoped?', because it's just so horrible that anybody would do that.”

While the photos have generated a substantial amount of backlash, the District Attorney’s Office said this type of animal transport is legal in Texas as long as the animal isn’t hurt. Schmidt said it was highly likely that a dog would get hurt by this type of transportation.

“We really need stricter laws in Texas to be able to protect those animals that can't protect themselves,” Schmidt added. “Every dog owner should be saddened that as a society that happens … here in Houston on our highways.”

Schmidt is now encouraging people to contact their elected officials and ask them to push for tougher animal rights legislation.

Sources: KHOU, 11 Alive / Photo Credit: KHOU, KHOU via YouTube

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