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Driver Of Semi That Killed Five Georgia Southern Nursing Students Was Sexting While Driving


New details have emerged about the moments leading up to a vehicle crash that killed five nursing students from Georgia Southern University on Interstate 16 in Georgia in April.

For almost nine months, the victims' families demanded answers about why the semitrailer crashed nearly full-speed into the women’s SUV.

Kathy Clark and her husband Craig are still mourning the loss of their daughter, Emily, one of the five students killed in the wreck.

“Every day you hurt a little more, you miss them a little more, and it will never be easy,” said Kathy.

Attorney Bob Cheeley got answers during the week ending Dec. 18 at Total Transportation of Mississippi’s headquarters in depositions with John Wayne Johnson -- the driver -- and company safety leaders, according to Rare.

Cheeley says Johnson’s truck was crammed with pornography and that he confessed to texting while driving.

“It made the hair on the back of my neck stand up,” said Cheeley.

Johnson told Cheeley his recollection of what he was doing at the time of the crash was murky, but it involved sending a woman nude pictures.

“He could have very well been either looking at porn in the cab of his truck, or looking at pictures, nude pictures, that this woman had sent of herself to him, which he admitted that she had done,” Cheeley said.

For the Clarks, who were present during the depositions, the confessions have been an agonizing process.

“Just hurt, just hurts so bad to know that it could have prevented and she didn’t have to die in that way,” Karen Clark said.

An investigation earlier in 2015 by WSB-TV, discovered that only 10 percent of all similar trucking companies had worse driver safety records than Total Transportation at the time of the crash.

Sources: Rare, WSB-TV  / Photo credit: Palm Beach Post via Rare

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