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Dashcam Records Woman Getting Struck By Car On Icy Highway (Video)

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Dashcam footage (below) shows the moment in which a pedestrian is hit by a car spinning out of control. 

The dramatic accident was recorded by another motorist who did not realize his dashcam had been running at the time, according to The Daily Mail.

The occurrence, which took place on I-94 in Connecticut on Feb. 8, began with a woman pulling over after being involved in a minor accident with another car.

In the video, the driver (who has the dashcam) sees the woman’s red car on the side of the highway and pulls behind to assist. She opens the passenger door of her car, grabs something, and starts walking towards the other car.

However, out of nowhere, a black Toyota enters the scene, sliding on the snowy road. The car hits the woman, who falls to the ground, as the owner of the camera runs to help.

The force of the car’s impact is believed to have pushed the woman backwards, which caused her to hit her head against a solid barrier.

Although many would agree that the wintry conditions played a substantial role in the accident, the dashcam footage reveals additional details, according to comments on the YouTube video and The Daily Mail.

“If you look in the distance at the time of impact, there's a vehicle (it looks like a prius, which would explain things) stopped in the right-hand lane (it has its reverse lights on, suggesting the driver is stupidly stopped on the road as part of a misguided attempt to help),” wrote user joetorious on The Daily Mail. “No doubt the driver of the car that hit the woman only saw the idiot driver of the prius stopped in the road at the last second, broke and slid into the woman.”

“I can't decide who's the bigger [expletive] -- the guy who slid into the pedestrian at 50 MPH, or the guy who stopped in an active traffic lane causing the first guy to do that,” YouTuber Montreal Driving wrote.

According to the dashcam owner, the woman survived the crash and was noted to be experiencing pain in her hip, leg, head, and back. The driver of the spun-out car suffered whiplash and other minor injuries as well.

Sources: The Daily Mail, GiantGerman/YouTube / Photo Credit: GiantGerman/YouTube Screenshot via The Daily Mail

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