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Driver Records Encounter Between White Cop, Black Woman (Photo)

A Facebook photo of a Louisiana woman praying with a cop has gone viral online in the wake of a deadly shooting that claimed the lives of multiple police officers. 

In the photo, an African-American woman is seen holding hands and praying with a uniformed police officer during a traffic stop in East Baton Rouge, Louisiana, WWBT reported. The two are standing with their heads bowed outside the open door of a car.

The woman, Kim Muyaka, posted the photo to Facebook with the following caption, according to WWBT:

When God say move! God is not the Author of confusion ..All I felt when I touch and agreed with him is fear he was shaking but y'all...Violence is not the answer...Bible say pray w/o Ceasing I pray that God will cover this Police Officer .::and use his hands not to hurt or harm but to protect the citizens!

The post has gone viral with over 17,000 shares and 460 likes.

In the wake of the shooting, people across the country have reportedly delivered flowers, coffee, pizza and cakes to their local police departments. They have also called and sent social media messages to police officers to express their support and thanks.

Many others stopped to chat with officers on the street and offered hugs.

"It's just been amazing," Dustin Dwight, a spokesman for Louisiana State Police Troop L, told The Times-Picayune on July 8, the AP reported. "Our guys can't go out this morning without getting stopped by people wanting to thank them."


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