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Driver On Phone Causes Violent Crash With Semi-Truck In Florida (Photos)


A semi-truck driver in Florida said that a driver in another car, distracted by his phone, caused his big rig to jackknife and flip over. 

46-year-old truck driver Richard Brook told police that the crash, which happened on I-75 near Bushnell, Florida, at around 6:20 a.m. on Friday, happened as he attempted to swerve out of the way of a Saturn that had begun to move into his lane. Brook said that the driver of the Saturn was distracted and looking at his phone as his car moved toward Brook's truck.

Brook swerved on to the shoulder of the interstate, attempting to avoid a collision with the car, but the truck jackknifed and hit a guardrail. It then flipped over onto the passenger's side. 

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Brook emerged uninjured from the crash, and the Saturn was not hit. According to reports, the car kept driving as Brook's truck swerved out of control.

The violent accident blocked traffic for three hours on the interstate.

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"[Brook] observed the Saturn driver texting or talking on their phone due to the light of the phone screen in the still dark morning hours when the crash occurred," an accident report noted. 

Sources: My Fox Detroit, Bay News 9 / Photo Credit:


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