Rescuers Save Five Puppies Left To Freeze (Video)

For many, the idea of abandoning pets is unimaginable and cruel. But it happens all over the world every day.

The Michigan Humane Society highlights incidents in which animals are left to fend for themselves after their owners dump them on the side of the road or in quiet areas (video below).

In one particular incident, rescuers from the Michigan Humane Society received a call about puppies left in a tote on the side of the road in the middle of winter and they rushed to the scene. There, they found five puppies in the plastic tote, freezing and starving, reports Little Things.

The humane society took the puppies in, fed them, and made sure they were in good health before putting them up for adoption. 

Now, the story has a happy ending. One puppy has been adopted and the other four are in foster care.

Sources: Little ThingsMichigan Humane Society/YouTube / Photo credit: Michigan Humane Society/YouTube

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