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Driver Involved In Traffic Fatality Tweeted Photo Of 16-Year-Old's Dead Body

A 19-year-old driver admitted to striking a pedestrian with his car and killing him on Twitter in Jacksonville, Florida on Oct. 18. The unidentified driver also posted a photo of the victim, 16-year-old Trevius Williams in a pool of blood with the caption “RIP.”

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The driver hasn’t been charged as of yet, but Jacksonville Sheriff's Office spokesperson Melissa Bujeda told First Coast News that the investigation is ongoing.

Police have also confirmed that the controversial tweets did come from the driver involved in the traffic fatality.

Shortly before the crash, the driver tweeted the song lyrics to "Kill Me" by Ballout ft. Tadoe, which read, “I drunk so much d***n lean I feel like I'm off a NyQuil.”

Connie Coles, Williams’ mother, said she doesn’t understand how the driver hasn’t been charged, NBC Miami reported.

"I'm angry because detectives told me that there's no alcohol or drugs involved," she told First Coast News. "How would you know if he wasn't tested?"

Police said the driver is cooperating with authorities.

Coles is also upset the driver tweeted the photo, which was shared several times.

"How dare you do that?" she told WPTV. "How dare you stand over my son's mangled bloody body and take a picture of him? To see the holes in my baby's face and the blood coming from his ears and you know my baby in a body bag."

Sources: First Coast News, NBC Miami, WPTV / Photo Credit: WPTV


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