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Driver Fined For Letting Dog Ride On Top Of Car, Claims It Was 'The Dog's Idea' (Photos)

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A driver in Taiwan was fined around $700 for allowing his dog to stand up on the roof of his car while he drove. The man refused to pay the fine, claiming it was “the dog’s idea.”

Su Chen, 38, told authorities the dog got up on the roof by itself and refused to come down. “I didn't tell it to get on the roof, it is always up there when it knows I am driving anywhere and refuses to get down,” he said. “And in any case I always drive slowly and we have never had an accident.”

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Chen was caught after police officers who monitor the Internet for illegal activity came across photos of the dog that had gone viral. While no formal complaint was filed against the driver, police maintained that he was, in fact, breaking the law regardless of how slowly he was driving.

When photos of the pet went viral, Chen was criticized by animal rights advocates throughout the Internet for putting his dog’s life in danger.

“A dog can’t be expected to know how dangerous it is to ride on the roof of a car,” one critic said. “A responsible owner would have never allowed it to happen in the first place. This is nothing better than animal abuse.”

Source: Daily Mail / Photo Credit: Taiwan Police via Daily Mail


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