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Driver Crashes Into Highway Guardrail, Faces Reckless Driving Charges (Video)

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A driver is facing charges of reckless driving after crashing and being recorded trying to run cars off the Interstate.

Three individuals, Chrissy Richardson, her daughter, and a friend, noticed something was amiss about one particular green sedan while driving on a New Hampshire expressway. The driver, who has not been named, was allegedly trying to harass others and purposefully drive them off the road.

According to Richardson, she told the girls to record the incident on their cellphones as the driver aggressively drove beside them, reports Mad World News. After almost coming to a complete stop, the reckless driver reportedly moved on once he saw he was being recorded.

The man in the green Honda civic allegedly sped away, but Richardson kept an eye on him. After the man tailgated and tried to swerve in front of another car, the driver ultimately lost traction and crashed into a guardrail.

According to WMUR News, New Hampshire state police came to the scene at around 10:30 am. Although the driver had allegedly left the scene of the crash, he was eventually taken into custody and charged with reckless driving.

On YouTube, several people have mixed reactions to the video.

"This guy didn't try to "run anybody off the road", he just cut them off," stated YouTuber DrunkyMcSwervencrash. "It's a road rage thing called a 'punish pass' - when someone is travelling stupidly slow, they make sure to pull in close when they pass them, to emphasize the fact that they're being passed. Unfortunately this road rager tweaked the wheel too hard and/or had bad tires, so off the road he went."

"The car in front was an asshole for blocking the passing lane," wrote YouTuber greenzoid2. "In many states that is actually illegal. But the honda was a bigger asshole for tailgating."

"The car on the left should have passed and moved over, but decided to just cruise," said YouTuber CourtyardPigeon. "I've been the guy behind the slower driver, swearing at my windshield and pouting, but I'd never swerve in front of the other car after I passed. Nice wreck there [expletive] job."

Sources: WMUR News, Mad World News / Photo credit: Mad World News


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