Driver Crashes $1.4 Million LaFerrari (Video)


Only 499 LaFerraris were built by the Italian carmaker, but now there’s one less super car cruising the streets (video below).

An unidentified driver in Budapest, Hungary, appears to have lost control of the vehicle, which was "fresh out of a repair shop," Carscoops reports. The $1.4 million "hypercar" slammed into three parked cars. The fact that the vehicle’s tires were "cold" coming out of the shop might have been a factor in the accident.

The LaFerrari is the most powerful street-legal Ferarri ever built, and the 950-horsepower hybrid is no longer in production, Wired reports. All of the cars were sold before the model was publicly unveiled.

Sources: Car and Driver, Wired, Carscoops (2) / Photo credit: Carscoops


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