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Driver Confronts Police Officer About 90 MPH Speeding (Video)

An irked driver got in an aggravated exchange with a law enforcement officer in New York this week.

The incident started when driver Paul Brylinski followed a New York environmental conservation officer who was driving roughly 90 mph without her siren or lights on. After about 10 miles, the officer slowed down to 65 mph, at which time Brylinski passed her and kept driving.

Moments later, he was pulled over. He recorded his ensuing conversation with the officer and uploaded it to YouTube.

“I followed her for about 10 miles,” Brylinski wrote in the description of the YouTube video. “She slowed to 62 (mph) and I passed her going the limit, 65 (mph).”

When the officer reached the man’s car, she immediately asked for his license and registration.

“Officer, what was I doing wrong?” Brylinski replied. “I just want to know what I was doing wrong.”

“You were breaking the speed limit,” the officer said.

“And you weren’t?” Brylinski quipped back.

The two’s conversation went back and forth several more times before Brylinski revealed he was recording their exchange. Surprise – the officer let him drive off moments later and didn’t issue a ticket.

Here’s the video:

H/T: The Blaze


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