Here's How One Person Caused A Historical Bridge To Collapse (Photos)


An Indiana woman was charged after driving her overweight semitrailer over a historical bridge, causing it to collapse.

Mary Lambright, 23, was reportedly driving a semitrailer on Christmas night that included a 53-foot trailer carrying 43,000 pounds of water. She told police she was planning to park in a Paoli, Indiana, Wal-Mart parking lot when she missed her exit, and after several attempts to turn around, she decided to cross the historic iron bridge over Lick Creek in Paoli, according to the Dubois County Free Press.

Although she was aware of the signs indicating a weight limit, she was unsure of the actual weight of her truck. When she entered the bridge, the top of Lambert’s trailer began to rip because it was taller than the bridge.

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(Semitrailer on bridge as it collapses. Photo Credit: Supplied to Dubois County Free Press)

As she attempted to cross, the weight of the truck caused the bridge to collapse. 

Lambert and a 17-year-old passenger escaped the collapse unharmed. She was cited for reckless operation of a tractor-trailer, disregarding a traffic control device, and overweight on a posted bridge.

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(Historical bridge collapsed with semitrailer on it. Photo Credit: Orange County Law Enforcement)

The bridge was reportedly built in 1880.

Sources: Dubois County Free Press, WHAS / Photo credit: Orange County Law Enforcement via WHAS, French Lick Fire Dept./Facebook

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