'It Was God': Mother And Child Saved From Drowning


After almost having drowned, a Mississippi mother believes a miracle saved her and her child.

Kristy Irby and her 2-year-old daughter, Alley, were fighting for their lives after their car plowed into a fast-moving creek in Pelahatchie, Mississippi, on Jan. 26, after trying to avoid a deer in the road.

“A deer had come across right here, and I was going to try to get off the road without hitting another car and we slid and nose dove into about 10 feet of water,” Irby told WALA.

The car was sinking and the electrical windows wouldn't open.

"I was trying to bust out the windows in the car, and I couldn't bust them for anything,” she told WAPT. “I was kicking and punching, and I was praying and begging God, 'You're the only one who can save us.’”

According to Irby, as soon as she prayed, the window on the driver's side rolled down and water started rushing into the vehicle.

"I've got about an inch of air and I have one leg out of the window and I say, 'Alley, you've got to hold your breath, baby. We're going to have to swim,'" she told The Clarion-Ledger.

After exiting the vehicle, Irby managed to wrap her legs around a tree while her daughter held onto her. In the meantime, a passerby saw Irby’s car and called 911.

"I was just screaming for help,” Irby told WAPT. “It seemed like it was forever, and then I saw Shane.”

Officer Shane Gibson answered the 911 call, and heard Irby screaming when he got to the water. Although he initially could not see Irby, he did manage to spot her daughter’s pink hair bow, which led him to the tree they were hanging on.

As he brought Irby and Alley to the bank, Officer Willie Roberson arrived as backup. Gibson believes the true hero was Irby.

"She got her baby out of the car, out that window, held on to that baby while she's doing 50 miles an hour down that creek current," he explained. "She was able to grab a tree limb, and was holding on to it with one hand and the baby with the other. The mom, if you want a hero, that's the hero."

“This is nothing shy but a miracle," said Irby. "There are no true heroes, Shane or I, it was God."

Sources: WAPT, The Clarion-Ledger, WALA / Photo credit: WALA

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