Driver Of Gun-Packed SUV Wants To 'Rescue' Teens?

On June 21, a custom-decorated SUV was stopped by police while entering the Holland Tunnel, which connects New Jersey to lower Manhattan.

The driver, identified as John Cramsey, was pulled over for having a cracked windshield, but authorities then noticed that his decked-out vehicle was stockpiled with guns.

The stockpile included rifles, handguns, four knives, 10 magazines of ammunition, body armor and a military helmet, according to a police source cited by ABC News.

Due to Cramsey’s large stash of weapons, and the fact that the Holland Tunnel has been the target of terrorist plots in the past according to The New York Times, the Joint Terrorism Task Force was called in. However, law enforcement officials concluded that there did not appear to be a link to terrorism in this case.

In his defense, Cramsey claimed that he was rushing to rescue a teenage girl from a drug den—though the girl was subsequently quoted by police as saying, “I don’t need to be rescued.”

According to an employee of the gun range owned by Cramsey, his boss has been on a mission to save victims of drug abuse ever since his daughter died of an overdose—a cause of death confirmed by the medical examiner, ABC News reports.

Cramsey and two passengers who were with him at the time are being held at the Hudson County jail in New Jersey.

Sources: ABC News, New York Times / Photo credit: WABC via ABC News

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