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Drifter Arrested And Charged With Abducting And Robbing Philadelphia Doctor


A man has been detained and charged on suspicion of robbing and abducting a Philadelphia doctor.

The suspect, Nathaniel Rodriguez, 40, was captured on a surveillance camera with the kidnapped doctor inside a Port Richmond gas station trying to withdraw her money from an ATM on Nov. 11, reports ABC 6 Action News

Manveer Komer was working that day at the gas station and saw right away something was off. "I was looking. This is not a boyfriend, not a girlfriend," Komer said.

Around 6 a.m. Rodriguez captured the doctor from a parking garage across the street from Pennsylvania Hospital, according to law enforcement.

She was talking to her husband on her phone when Rodriguez got in the elevator with her. She told police he displayed what looked like a gun and forced her into her Honda Fit.

They reportedly drove around in her car, withdrawing her money from various ATMs until her debit card was declined for surpassing the limit. 

During the trip, Rodriguez allegedly picked up a friend.

The alleged abductor reportedly had the doctor purchase cigarettes using her credit card at the gas station.

As the two left, Komer — who was working at the station — told the doctor he would keep her safe and to stay in the store.

He says he screamed at Rodriguez to give back the woman’s keys and phone outside. The suspect acted as if he was carrying a gun and ran off with the doctor’s car, reports

In the meantime, Rodriguez reportedly turned on the woman’s phone, which meant her husband could track it remotely.

Law enforcement tailed the car and the two men inside were detained. The second man is unlikely to face charges, reports ABC 6 Action News.

According to, Rodriguez had been arrested for theft inside a Pennsylvania hospital last week and has been acknowledged as a transient. As far back as 1996, court archives show he has sentences for theft, gun and drug violations in Philadelphia.

Rodriguez is charged with kidnapping, carjacking, aggravated assault, robbery and other related offenses. He is being held on $2 million bail.

Sources: ABC 6 Action News, / Photo credit:

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