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Dress Code In Alabama Schools Sexist, Unfair, Students Say

An Alabama school system's dress code has caused an uproar among students and parents, who say the rules are sexist and unfair. 

The dress code for the Huntsville City School system aims for students to dress in a way that does not "disrupt classes, interfere with learning, prevent instruction," and abides by health and safety standards set out by the state. 

But some students say the code focuses too much on girls. 

"The way the dress code is set up is it's angled more toward girls and its a 'don't distract the boys' kind of thing," Abby Wilson, a student at Grissom High School in Huntsville, told WSFA. 

"It's taking us out of class,” student Wreed Williams said to the local news station. “When we could be in class learning and not affecting anybody."

One parent took to Facebook to protest the dress code after her daughter's outfit kept her from going to class, a move she deems unfair and "misguided."

Deanna Wolf posted two photos of her daughter, Josephina Thompson, with the outfit in question, and entered a lengthy complaint to the school questioning the underpinnings of the dress code. 

"I would like to ask a question," Wolf wrote, directing the question to Huntsville City Schools. "What are you teaching our children about their bodies and their minds?"

"I am sick to death of the public shaming of the female form. You are telling girls that their bodies are to be hidden, and that boys cannot control their minds if they see the basic female figure," she added. 

"The lesson she learned today was not that her clothes were inappropriate, but rather that the behavior of the school was inappropriate."

Wolf also maintains that her daughter's outfit actually was within dress code requirements.

The Aug. 11 post has been shared over 1,000 times. 

Keith Ward, Huntsville City Schools communications director, disagrees with complaints that the dress code is biased. 

"The dress code applies to everybody," Ward told "You may have differences in the types of clothing that are chosen to be worn by one or the other, but it applies to everybody the same way."

The city school system will stand by its dress code, Ward said. 

"The code was created to meet the theme 'dress for success,'" he told WSFA. "They want to give kids creativity but they want things that are going to be appropriate for the environment that they're in."

Huntsville City Schools came up with a system-wide dress code this year in compliance with a consent order that rezoned the entire district. 

Sources:, WSFA / Photo credit: Deanna Wolf via


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