Gallup: Red States Outnumber Blue States For First Time In Eight Years (Map)


Those who are hoping for another Democrat in the White House may be in for a disappointing year. According to Gallup's analysis, which was released on Feb. 3, there are more red states than blue states in the U.S. for the first time in eight years -- signaling a possible Republican victory in the upcoming election.

Unsurprisingly, the red states were largely concentrated in the South, Midwest and so-called Mountain West, which includes Utah, Idaho, Montana and Wyoming, Politico reported. Overall, 12 states are solidly red and eight more lean right.

The Democratic states were typically coastal, although there were a few land-locked outliers, including Illinois, New Mexico and Vermont,. However, only two states leaned left -- New Mexico and Nebraska, meaning 14 states in total were either Democratic or leaned that way.

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For those keeping track, that means only 34 of the 50 states leaned right or left. The remaining 16, which could decide the election, were considered “competitive,” meaning neither side held a majority. Several of the states where neither party holds a majority are also considered swing states -- including Ohio and Florida.

Sources: Gallup, Politico / Photo Credit: Gallup, DonkeyHotey/Flickr

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